Greens bid to eliminate Lord's Prayer rejected

A motion introduced by the Greens today looking to remove the Lord’s Prayer in federal parliament was rejected by the Senate earlier today.

Greens’ Senator Richard Di Natale wanted to replace the prayer with a minute of silence. He says the prayer is not representative of Australian culture.

“It’s my view, it’s the Greens’ view that in a 21st century, modern economy like Australia, a multi-cultural country that it’s no longer appropriate to begin the day in the parliament with the Lord’s Prayer.”

Greens first announced plans to remove the prayer a month ago.

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Since 1901, the Christian prayer has been recited at the beginning of every sitting day.

The Greens suggest the following should be read instead of the prayer:

''Senators, let us in silence pray or reflect upon our responsibilities to the people of Australia, to the States and Territories which we represent, and to all future generations.''

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Greens argue that religion has no place in parliament and that it stay a private matter.

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Source: SBS