Greens senator writes to each state for inquiry support

Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John is the youngest person in parliament at age 24. Source: AAP

Greens senator Jordon Steele-John has asked all the states for in-principle support for a royal commission into the abuse of people with a disability.

Greens senator Jordon Steele-John, who pushed for a royal commission into abuse of people with disabilities, has now written to all states and territories asking them to support the inquiry.

Federal parliament passed a motion calling for a royal commission, but the government has said it needs letters patent from all jurisdictions since any inquiry would examine the delivery of services, which is the states' responsibility.

Greens disability spokesman Mr Steele-John, who has cerebral-palsy and whose election prompted a redesign of parliament to accommodate his wheelchair, said on Friday he had called the prime minister's bluff and personally asked all premiers and chief ministers for in-principle support, after the NSW disability services minister said he had yet to hear anything from the Commonwealth.

"On Monday, when the motion historically passed the House of Representatives, both the Prime Minister and the Attorney General made comments suggesting it would be difficult to write to the states and guarantee their support for a Royal Commission," Mr Steele-John said in a press release.

"I can assure the Prime Minister and the Attorney General that it was not difficult. I have written to each and every state Premier and Chief Minister asking for their support and I am hopeful to garner in-principle support from each of them by the end of this week.

On Tuesday, the prime minister told a meeting of coalition MPs he would work with the states and territories to bring about the royal commission, but they all had to be on board.

"For it to be a meaningful process then it must learn the lessons of the failings of delivery at the state level," he said.

"That means we cannot give any one state a leave pass - it must be one in, all in."

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