Heartbreaking photo of Indian child crying over his father raises $57,000 for family

The photograph of a young boy next to his father's body. Source: Twitter: @shivsunny

Indians rallied around a child and his family after a photo circulated online of him crying next to his father's body.

An image of a young boy crying next to his father's body has prompted Indians to raise more than three million rupees (A$57,000) for the family in 24 hours.

On Friday, 37-year-old Anil died in a work accident in the country's capital Delhi.

The rope lowering him into a sewer reportedly snapped causing him to fall. An investigation into the death found Anil was "not given any protective gear and even the rope was not strong enough to bear his tension," NDTV reported.

A photo was posted by journalist Shiv Sunny showing his young son heartbreakingly sobbing next to his father's body.

The family did not have the money to cremate Anil, according to Hindustan Times reporter Sunny.

The Tweet captured the attention of the charity Uday Foundation, which helped to raise funds alongside the crowdfunding platform Ketto.

Mr Sunny said there was an outpouring of generosity from locals and Bollywood stars. He said the most moving part was the poorer people donating sums as little as 10 rupees to help the family.

"It just takes all of us to make small contributions to make a big change together," one contributor tweeted.

"We can’t bring back the father of that child, but the last 24 hours have contributed way more than our target of 24 lakhs, which would ensure the education and well-being of that Kid and family."

Thanks to the generosity of his local community the family were able to cremate Anil's body.

Mr Sunny told the BBC that he hoped the money raised by the nation would go some way to help support Anil's children through school.

"I just wanted to draw attention to the deaths of sewer workers," he told the BBC.

"It [the photo] told the story of the family's plight.

"With people offering to help, [they] may have a future now."

Anil's death comes just a week after five people suffocated upon entering a sewage treatment plant in Moti Nagar area, according to NDTV.

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