Heartstopping footage of large truck narrowly missing a crossing child


Dramatic dash camera footage of a near-miss between a child and a large truck shows the potential dangers of crossing busy roads.

A large fast-moving truck came dangerously close to hitting a child running across a busy road in Norway.

The footage captured on a passing truck's dashcam shows children hopping off a bus on a busy country road in Høyanger, in west Norway, on June 19.

One child attempts to run across the road with their view obstructed by a bus, completely unaware of the fast approaching red truck.

The driver instantly spots the child and comes to a screeching halt, stopping just short.

A witness - who was also driving a truck - beeped his horn and flashed his lights to warn the oncoming truck of the potential disaster.

"I saw over the roof of the bus the truck was heading at it at a great speed. I blinked my lights and horn to alert the traffic and young people," Tor Bjørn Kyrkjebø told NRK News.

Mr Kyrkjebø said he released the dashcam footage to warn pedestrians of the potential dangers of crossing busy roads.

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