Here's the remix of Donald Trump being called an asshole you never knew you needed

DJ Donald Trump? It's a better thought than US President Donald Trump. Source: AAP

The internet giveth, the internet taketh away.

The brother of everyone's favourite feminist ally Matt McGorry (Orange Is The New Black, How To Get Away With Murder) has made a smooth remix of Donald Trump's gaffes.

We were going to say 'worst gaffes' but honestly, there's so many and they're all so awful we didn't want to start ranking them.

Craig McGorry's tight 2.13 track is the perfect vibe to start your weekend and feel grateful that you don't live in America, where Trump is actually a popular candidate.


McGorry posted the tune on SoundCloud for his technology in music education class at Columbia University.

"It's a little rough in terms of GB skills, but the idea comes across, I hope," he said in the description.

The jazzy song uses a sample of the mayor of Philadelphia calling the Republican an "asshole" and frankly, we're all here for that.

Source The Feed

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