Hong Kong marks life and legacy of Liu Xiaobo

Hong Kong marks life and legacy of Liu Xiaobo
Hong Kong marks life and legacy of Liu Xiaobo Source: AAP

SBS World News Radio: Hundreds of people have gathered at a memorial in Hong Kong to pay their respects to the late Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo.

Along the waterfront of Hong Kong's harbour, hundreds gathered to remember the life and legacy of Liu Xiaobo.

The night featured speeches and a rock concert to mark the seventh day of his passing - a symbolic day in Chinese tradition for those who have died.

Supporters laid white flowers next to a portrait of the human rights activist.

A candle was also lit on top of an empty chair - a symbol that has become synonymous with Mr Liu after a chair was left vacant at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony as he was forbidden Chinese government to collect his award.

Andy Wu, who attended the ceremony in Hong Kong, says it's an important opportunity to give Mr Liu the respect he deserved.

"He used peaceful and anti-violent means to fight for liberties, to fight for democracy. I think it's definitely worth respecting."

In mainland China, any commerations for Mr Liu are strictly forbidden and any mention of him on China's internet is rigorously censored.

Chinese authorities cremated Liu Xiaobo's body on the 15th of July, just two days after his death in police custody from multiple organ failure.

He had been imprisoned on charges of incitement to subvert government power after he published a manifesto calling for political reform.

Authorities reportedly pressured his family to scatter his ashes into the sea and avoid commemorative activities by not allowing a funeral or a gravesite.

Agnes Tong, who attended the commemorations in Hong Kong, says it won't stop people honouring his life.

"It doesn't matter, the ocean is everywhere, there are seas all over the world. I believe we can all find a way to mourn him. We don't have to care if there is a grave in order to mourn him

There are concerns about the whereabouts of Mr Liu's wife, Liu Xia, who is under house arrest.

Her location is unknown and there are calls from international leaders to release her and allow her to travel freely.

Lee Cheuk-yan, a member of Hong Kong Alliance, says it demonstrates the Chinese government's tight control.

"We know very clearly that in China, all the friends of Liu Xiaobo now are being under surveillance, monitored, house arrest inside their own home, we do not know where Liu Xia (Liu Xiaobo's wife) is now, some said that she is being monitored and not allowed to do anything tonight to commemorate her husband. It showed that the whole state apparatus now are suppressing any memorials or mourning of Liu Xiaobo inside the whole China."