How do PR companies generate good press for themselves?

Good publicity can do wonders for any business. But what makes a PR company stand out to clients? Agency director, Mayrah Sonter says it's all about creativity and looking beyond your target market.

Mayrah Sonter has been in the communications game for years, but still the prospect of launching her own business seemed daunting, two years ago.

"We worked from home for the first six months, often in pyjamas or had meetings in cafes," Ms Sonter told SBS.

33 Creative was born after Mayrah's former employer, Deadly Vibe Group stopped operating.

Mayrah then teamed up with Georgia Cordukes to fill what they viewed as a gap in the market.

"The purpose of 33 Creative is basically to engage, inspire and empower all of our clients," Ms Sonter said.

"We have a strong commitment to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, and that was kind of the start of our business."

Ms Sonter said there is a need for Aboriginal-specific communications and that her employees understand the "intricacies of communicating in that space."

33 Creative has worked with The Black Dog Institute, The City of Sydney and the Department of Health, to name a few.

The aim is to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians through targeted media, communications and events.

Mayrah's experience as a TV presenter and producer on programs like NITV's 'Move it Mob Style, gave her a leg up in the industry.

"We were, I think, very lucky to work hard and get a lot of good clients on early," Ms Sonter said.

33 Creative has doubled its profits since starting two years ago, and said they're on track to repeat that this financial year as they look to expand their clientele.

"We'd like to work more in the events space and be a bit more creative."

Mayrah grew up in Sydney's Redfern and is a proud Wiradjuri woman.

When 33 Creative moved into an office space in Sydney's inner west, her mother gifted her an artwork depicting the last supper- with a difference.

"My mum gave me this one," Ms Sonter said.

" Aboriginal-woman-Jesus running the show!"

Three of the four staff at 33 Creative are Indigenous.

Mayrah sees this Aboriginality as an important identifier for the business, but has also made a conscious effort to ensure the company isn't pigeonholed.

"It's certainly a personal challenge to get out there and just to work with different people and different projects and make sure it's interesting for us and exciting," Ms Sonter said.

The team at 33 Creative could soon expand, with Mayrah keen to hire a full-time events coordinator.

"I suppose I'm most proud of the process in its entirety and being able to manage a business and all the relationships that go with that.

"It's been a massive personal growth spurt for all of the team."

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Source: SBS Small Business Secrets