How to (legally) make the most of Telstra's free data day

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Telstra customers are expected to go on a downloading bonanza this Sunday after the provider announced a 'free data day'. Tech expert Trevor Long runs through the best (legal) ways to utilise Telstra's generosity.

Frustrated at Telstra's poor service over recent weeks? Here's how to (legally) take them for all they're worth.

It might be your first instinct to download everything you can lay your mouse on during Telstra's 'free data day' on Sunday.

But SBS News spoke to an expert who can help you use all the world's data and stay on the right side of the law.

Technology commentator Trevor Long said there were four essential ways Telstra customers can get their own back for last month's major network, which left its customers without network coverage for hours. 

"It's a great thing for Telstra customers, it's on a Sunday, so it's not their busiest day of the week," he told SBS. 

"The free data they had on February 14, which was for their last outage, was their biggest data day ever. We can expect that to be exceeded."

Here are Mr Long's top four tips to devour as much data in the 24 hours as you can:

Software updates

Start by downloading software updates for apps on your smartphone and tablet, Mr Long said.

These are those annoying updates that your phone notifies you to download, for applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As well as changing the look of the app, updates are important to buffer you phone security against bugs and hackers.

Tethering your phone to your laptop

Tethering means connecting one device to another.

Mr Long suggests you access your phone settings and turn your smartphone into an 'internet hotspot'. 

This allows you to access Telstra's internet network on Sunday using your laptop, via Wi-Fi.

Using your computer through your phone, in this regard, means you can download several seasons of your favourite television show.

Another feature is that you could then connect your laptop to your television to watch your shows.

Download music and movies

Take this opportunity to download music and movies through apps such as Spotify and Apple iTunes.

Mr Long said it's important to download while you're not connected to your home internet and make sure you're using the Telstra network.


With the 24 hours of free internet, Mr long suggests that you enjoy streaming your favourite videos, movies and television shows using websites such as YouTube, Stan, Netflix, Foxtel Play and Quickflix.

Trevor Long runs the online men’s lifestyle magazine, EFTM, which offers advice on technology, cars and gadgets.

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