How to secure your Facebook privacy settings

Concerned about your Facebook privacy? Learn how to secure your privacy settings with this step-by-step guide.

Concerned about your Facebook privacy? Learn how to secure your privacy settings with this step-by-step guide.

General information:

Under your cover photo, click on the "About" section, which details your personal details and contact information. Next to each section (Work and Education, Contact Information, etc) there is an "Edit" option. Clicking on "Edit" will bring up small icons that indicate who can see the information you have entered.

Click on the icon next to each section to select your preferred viewership. The options are: Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom and any groups you have formerly created, such as "close friends".


Photos are one of the trickiest areas in regard to Facebook privacy settings because they require user upkeep. Cover photos are automatically made public and this cannot be changed but all other images can be made private, manually. Be warned - there is legwork involved here as the privacy settings of certain photos need to be altered one by one.

To begin, click on the "Photos" tab underneath your cover photo, then select "Albums". Underneath each album is an icon with a drop-down menu. Choose who can see the photos by selecting from one of the following options: Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom and any customised lists.

The following albums require privacy settings to be changed on a photo-by-photo basis: Timeline Photos, Instagram Photos and Profile Pictures.

To change the privacy settings of individual photos in these albums, go into an album, click on one of your photos and select the “Edit” tool which appears under the photo’s caption. This will bring up the caption and date of this photo and, underneath, a drop-down icon where users can select who sees the image.

Main privacy settings:

To access your main privacy settings click on the drop-down arrow icon at the top right of your profile and select "Settings". On the left-hand side bar, select "Privacy".

Here, you can edit who can see your future posts, review all your posts and things you are tagged in, and change the audience of posts you have made in the past.

You can also specify who is able to contact you and look you up through your Facebook page.

Timeline and Tagging:

Under the "Privacy" section at the left-hand sidebar, select "Timeline and Tagging". In this section you can specify who can add things to your timeline, who can see things on your timeline and who can see posts you have been tagged in.


Back at the left-hand sidebar, select "Apps". This section controls the information friends take with them when they use other sites. Facebook states: "People who can see your info can bring it with them when they use apps." This includes your images, bio and status updates. Next to the "Apps others use" section, select "Edit" to alter what info friends can "take".

In this section you can follow a similar process to specify whether you want to see relevant information about your friends when you select partner websites and control the settings of things you posted using old Facebook mobile apps.


At the sidebar again, select "Ads". This section will be of particular importance if the planned policy changes go ahead in the coming weeks. The setting you select now will stay in place if the changes go ahead. Here you can select whether you consent to your information being used by third-party websites.

You can also select whether your interests are paired with any advertisements. Under the “Pair my social actions with ads for” section, select "No one" to prevent this.


To control who sees what pages, groups and people you have "liked", select the drop-down menu on the "More" icon underneath your cover photo and select "Likes".

This selection will bring up a menu of "Like" categories and with icons specifying who can see any likes you make in each category. Select the edit icon at the far right of the page (pencil image) and select "Edit Privacy". You can then select who sees your likes in a number of categories including sports, websites and clothing.

Underneath this section you can alter who sees the interests you add to your page. Follow the same process to edit your privacy settings for TV Shows, Music, Movies and Books.

Friends list:

To control who can see your friends list and the list of people you follow, click on the "Friends" tab under you cover photo, this will bring up a complete list.

At the top right of this list, there is a small icon of a pencil, click on that and select "Edit Privacy".

A small box will now appear with two sections: "Friends List" and "Following".

To the right of each is an icon with a drop-down menu. Click on this to select who can view each list. The options are: Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom and any of your groups.

For more information click on "Learn More" which appears below these options.



Source: SBS