Huge huntsman spider caught on video battling mouse

The spider with mouse, via Jason Womal Source: Facebook

Arachnophobes look away.

Video footage has emerged of a huntsman clutching onto what appears to be a small mouse before making a hasty getaway, drawing more than three million views on Facebook.

Mackay man Jason Womal posted the video to Facebook on Sunday, which shows the large spider clutching onto the body of a seemilngly lifeless mouse, while attempting a getaway across the side of a fridge.

Mr Womal said the footage, which has received more than 13,000 reactions and been shared 66,000 times, was captured in a neighbour's house as he was leaving for work in the early house of Sunday morning.

"So I am just about to leave for work about 0030 and me neighbour says 'You want to see something cool' and I say 'Hell yeah'. So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse," Mr Womal said in the post.

The video has received thousands of comments, with one person saying: "Well time to burn down the house again."

Another person simply commented "horrific".

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