Hundreds mark Remembrance Day in Sydney

Hundreds of people have gathered at Martin Place in Sydney's CBD to commemorate 99 years since WWI. (AAP)

Hundreds have gathered in Sydney to mark 99 years since the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I.

Jan Brenton was just six years old when her father was killed on the British submarine HMS Unbeaten.

She doesn't have a lot memories left of him, but on Saturday she and her family commemorated his bravery and sacrifice at a Remembrance Day service in Sydney.

November 11 marked 99 years since the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I after four years of fighting and tens of thousands of Australian deaths.

For Ms Brenton it was also the 75th anniversary of the death of her father, whose submarine was sunk during World War II.

She said everyone told her he was brave, and she thought of him with love.

"When you're six it doesn't mean anything to you, you don't realise the years are going to go without your father being in your life," Ms Brenton said.

More than 300 people observed a minute's silence at the ceremony in Sydney's Martin Place, which was attended by NSW Governor David Hurley and state and federal politicians.

For chief cenotaph attendant Wal Scott-Smith, it was his 77th Remembrance Day service.

"My father served in the first war and the second war, and I'm taking after him," the 96-year-old told reporters.

"I'm going to retire at the dawn service next year. I'm going to work it out so I can walk off, not being carried off."

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