'I'm a woman, I multi-task': Jacinda Ardern hangs out with Stephen Colbert in NZ


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has discussed the country's new gun laws and sung along to Queen in a segment for the Late Show.

It's not every day that a Prime Minister offers to pick you up at the airport, but that's exactly what New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did for US Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

As he arrived at Auckland airport, Ms Ardern - one of the world's youngest state leaders - was there waiting.

"It's not particularly extraordinary at all, I still do the odd airport run," the Prime Minister said in a video of the meeting shown by the Late Show.

Jacinda Ardern picks up Stephen Colbert from the airport.
Jacinda Ardern picks up Stephen Colbert from the airport.
Late Show

In response to Colbert's concerns that the trip might be taking away from her leadership duties, Ms Ardern said she wasn't worried.

"I'm a woman, I multi-task," she added.

Speaking about the aftermath of the Christchurch attack, after which Ms Ardern acted swiftly to ban semi-automatic weapons, Colbert said her leadership on the matter was "inspiring to us in the United States who deal with gun violence".

"How did you do it? And I'm asking for 350 million friends of mine," he said.

"We're pragmatists in New Zealand, so when it was described to be the weapons that were used and how easily they were obtained my immediate reaction was that can't stand, that has to change," Ms Ardern responded.

"In the end, every single member of parliament except one voted for that change."

The 12-minute video, complete with a Bohemian Rapsody sing-a-long and Colbert begging for New Zealand citizenship, finished with a BBQ at Ms Ardern and her partner Clarke's home.

"Good luck getting rid of me," Colbert said.

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