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'I want the war to stop': Yemeni children's heartbreaking messages on fourth anniversary of conflict


A group of Yemeni children have developed a Peace Resolution on the fourth anniversary of the devastating conflict.

On the fourth anniversary of the devastating war in Yemen, a group of teenagers have made public their own peace resolution.

They wrote their heartbreaking messages in a child-friendly space run by the Save the Children charity in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

Children at a Child Friendly Space in Sana'a drafting a resolution for the war in Yemen.
The Children’s Parliament in Yemen got together to craft their own ideal UNSC Resolution.
Save the Children

Thirteen-year-old Maha told how she was left deeply affected after her father was almost killed in an airstrike.

“Where my dad worked was hit by three or four rockets and he was injured,” she said.

“Deep gashes were opened in his cheek and from his forehead to his eye by thick glass shards.”

“When the rockets hit, large shards of glass hit towards him so he was thrown upside down by the force of the explosion.”

“When we went to the hospital, I used to see wounded people, like someone with a gash
in his abdomen and his guts spilling out.”

A member of the Children’s Parliament in Yemen, Maha says it is vital that the almost four-year conflict ends.

“I want the war to stop and I don’t want things to get worse and I don’t want people to be hurt due to war,” she said.

The ravages of the war between Houthi rebels and Yemeni forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition has spread far beyond physical violence.

An estimated 14 million people face imminent starvation, the majority of them children.

It's believed some 85,000 children under five have died from extreme hunger since the conflict escalated.

The nation's cholera epidemic is the worst in modern history.

“The war is not good because there are planes bombing,” said 13-year-old Amani.

“There is shelling, killing and we cannot live in peace.”

       Children at a Child Friendly Space in Sana'a drafting a resolution for the war in Yemen.
13-year-old Amani drafting a resolution for the war in Yemen.
Save the Children

“We cannot sleep at night and cannot go to school. We go to school feeling anxious that bombing might happen at any time. You might die in any moment.”

“There is no power supply and water supply has been cut off and is not reaching the homes. To get water you have to wait in line, and fighting starts when people don’t get water.”

“My father’s salary hasn’t been paid for 4 years. Because of the war his salary stopped being paid, also many occupations have stopped, many things have ceased.”

It's estimated one in three girls and one in four boys don’t go to school.

1.5 million children have been forced to flee their homes.

Children at a Child Friendly Space in Sana'a drafting a resolution for the war in Yemen/
The Children’s Parliament is a central body for children’s voices within Yemen.
Save the Children

“We are asking all the political parties, authorities and countries to find a fast solution to end the war soon in Yemen and resolve all the conflicts as soon as possible,” said 16-year-old Wael.

“I personally, my younger siblings, friends and generally the children of Yemen want to play, draw and run safely."

"We want to travel from one place to another and not have to face conflicts when we travel or not travel because of war. We want to fully enjoy our freedom.”

“We suffered a lot, we are tired, and we have been patient, we are running out of patience, our hearts are exhausted.”

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