'I was wrong': Hanson partially apologises over vaccination test comments

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has offered a partial apology for comments she made earlier this week when she incorrectly said there was test parents could access to evaluate vaccination safety.

Pauline Hanson has apologised for her comments earlier this week when she said there was test parents could access to evaluate vaccination safety.

"Yes, I do apologise," she told Seven Network on Thursday. "As far has having tests done, OK, I admit I was wrong with that."

Senator Hanson has been criticised by the Australian Medical Association and others for giving the incorrect impression that vaccines aren't safe.

"All I'm saying to people that are concerned about it - you go and do your research, go ask questions of your doctor," she said.

Meanwhile Senator Hanson, who's campaigning Geraldton on Thursday, slammed former WA One Nation candidate Ray Gould, who's accused her of being in politics for the money.

"What a stupid statement. I am glad to see the back end of him," she said.

One Nation remains confident of a good showing in the West Australian state election on Saturday.

She says her One Nation party is picking up ground in the state.

"I think that we will probably win three seats in the upper house and maybe a couple of seats in the lower house," she said.

Senator Hanson repeated her expectation WA Nationals leader Brendan Grylls will lose his Pilbara seat to One Nation, which also expects to pick up the Nationals-held Kalgoorlie.

"The feeling from people is very strong. It's amazing, the support I receive going down the street," she said.

The senator was also pleased with the support shown by Aboriginal people in Kalgoorlie.

"They're actually coming up to say hello to me and shake my hand."

Source: AAP