Imam in Storm Harvey fake news story says he's never been to Texas

Imam Ibrahim Hindy from Toronto was used in a fake news story about Storm Harvey. Source: Ibrahim Hindy Twitter

The man claimed to have kept a mosque's door shut to Storm Harvey victims in Houston in a debunked news report has slammed the use of his image, saying he has never even been to Texas.

Canadian Imam Ibrahim Hindy claimed he was the person in the photo used in a fake news story alleging an Imam named "Aswat Turads" of the "Ramashan mosque" in Texas refused to open its doors for victims in the aftermath of Storm Harvey.

The story came as a shock to Imam Hindy who says he was performing the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca at the time, and also claimed he had never been to Texas.

Ibrahim Hindy tweeted claiming his photo was being used in fake news.
Ibrahim Hindy tweeted claiming his photo was being used in fake news.
Ibrahim Hindy Twitter

On Facebook Hindy wrote, "I woke up and checked my phone and found that a bunch of people had tagged me on Twitter."

"So, just for the record: 1) I have never been to Texas and 2) I am in Makkah (Mecca) right now performing Hajj."

The story was published on a satirical news website called Last Line of Defence on August 31.

A disclaimer on the site says: "America’s Last Line of Defense is a satirical publication that may sometimes appear to be telling the truth. We assure you that’s not the case."

"We present fiction as fact and our sources don’t actually exist. Names that represent actual people and places are purely coincidental and all images should be considered altered and do not in any way depict reality."

Imam Hindy's picture is claimed to have been used under the headline of the story. The image on the story has since changed.

The story was proved fake by LeadStories, a site that investigates the truth in news, and social media followers who pointed out the man in the photo was actually Ibrahim Hindy.

The Last Line of Defence reportedly issued an apology to Hindy and told CBC News they use "random images" that may be recognised.

"We also file DMCA notices to the hosting companies of any sites that steal our material," it told CBC News in an email.

Imam Hindy said he has been praying for the victims of Hurricane Harvey during his time in Mecca.

Hurricane Harvey has devastated much of Texas, in the United States, with severe flooding.

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