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How does the next generation plan to make a go of life on the land?

With vast tracts of eastern Australia in the grip of crippling drought, and the average age of an Australian farmer now 56 and getting older, Insight asks, “how does the next generation plan to make a go of life on the land?”

For twins Will and Tom, 17, and their 16 year-old brother, Sam, it’s “in the blood.” While it’s hard being at boarding school while things are so tough at home, they’re upbeat about their farming futures. “We’ll be 7th generation. It makes us proud. Dad’s done a bloody good job,” Tom explains.

Maddy Coleman, 27, comes from a family of Sydney bankers, and risked everything two years ago to buy a farm with her father. “It’s my livelihood, so I’ve got to make it work,” she says of the property which she runs on her own. “It is nerve-wracking, but it’s been the most exciting two years of my life,” she tells Janice Petersen.

For high school student, Hannah, 16, it all comes down to tradition and responsibility. “I’ll be a fifth generation farmer. I’m really passionate about it, because I’ll be feeding Australia.”

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