Insight: sperm donations

Whose rights prevail? Those of the donor or the donor conceived child?

It used to be something men could do quietly - make an anonymous sperm donation.

But changing laws and attitudes have seen the practice evolve radically in recent years and one of the biggest changes is that men are no longer able to donate anonymously.

People born after those changes took effect can now find out the identity of the sperm donor once they turn 18.

But now in Victoria a report has recommended reforms that would reveal the identity of anonymous donors as well.

This week on Insight on SBS One the program looks at whose rights should prevail-those of the donor or the donor conceived child.

Host Jenny Brockie says Insight found one particular case that highlights the complexities.

She says Melbourne man Ray Tonna made several sperm donations in the 1980s and earlier this year he received some unexpected news.

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And you can see the program tomorrow night at 8.30 on SBS One and again on Wednesday at 1pm.

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Source World News Australia

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