How to exercise when you don't have time


Too busy juggling work and family to get any walking done? Try these tips.

Life is busy. Managing work, family and a social life can leave little time to exercise.

But the Heart Foundation has some simple tips to get you moving throughout the day.

  1. Get off the tram or bus two or three stops earlier and walk to the office. If you work in a multi-storey building, take the stairs instead of the lift. If your office is on an upper floor, use the stairs for some of the way.
  2. Make every trip to the office bathroom count. Use the one furthest from your desk. Or find one on a different floor, and use the stairs to get there. Doing a coffee run mid-morning? Make it your mission to try cafes a few streets away.
  3. After work, when you head to the supermarket or shopping centre, park in the furthest corner of the car park. You’ll be amazed how many more steps you’ll be taking.
  4. On the weekend, if you’re not going to carry heavy bags, walk to your local shops. Or park a few streets away from your favourite shopping strip. Skipping all that circling around to find a “good” park might even save you time.
  5. And when you’re at home, don’t sit down when phoning friends or family. Walk around while you’re talking. If weather permits, and you have a garden or pleasant outdoor area, take your phone outside.

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