A Bigger Australia


A Bigger Australia


EPISODE 1 Tue 18 May
How big is too big?

Meet The Guests

Prof Martin Bell

Prof Bell is a population geographer at the University of Queensland.

Ross Gittins

Ross Gittins is economics editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and an economic columnist for The Age. He says rapid population growth increases overall growth domestic product, but does little to increase individual wealth.

Patti Chong

Patti is a lawyer in Perth, WA. She migrated in 1973 and thinks Australia has the capacity to handle a bigger population.

Dick Smith

Businessman Dick Smith thinks Australia must curb its population growth and says the Australian way of life is under threat. He believes rapid population growth could eventually lead to a lack of food and starvation.

Thobekile Madonko

Thobekile migrated to Australia in 2008 on a skilled migration visa. She is currently sponsored by Jo and Greg Fleming to work on their dairy farm in Finley, NSW.

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