A Family Concern


A Family Concern


EPISODE 31 Tue 6 Sep
How are families managing severe mental illness?

Meet The Guests


“Peter [my son] was locked up time and time again, he had admission after admission, it’s been constant involuntary treatment for Peter over the years.”


“It was exactly like being in a horror movie. I thought my family was going to harm me, I thought the doctors were going to harm me and I actually believed that.”


Jenny: What was it like to have the police arrive to take your daughter? | Peta: It was very emotional and very stressful but, it was necessary.


“If this happens again, [my daughters] are the two people that will get me to hospital, I will not listen to anyone else.”

Mick and Penny

Mick: My wife has to make that decision [of involuntary treatment] for me and if she feels that that’s the best idea for me, so be it. | Penny: It’s confronting.

Dr. Nick O'Connor, psychiatrist

“I think that there is a role for compelling people to take medication in the community. I think that it’s a last resort but something that is quite necessary.”

Dr Chris Ryan, psychiatrist

“I’m not a big fan of compulsory community treatment.”