A Stranger Saved My Life


A Stranger Saved My Life


EPISODE 2 Tue 26 Feb
What happens when a stranger saves your life?

Meet The Guests

Ernie Friedlander

“Just sheer luck, absolute luck, that there was a human being who cared for humanity. And to me… it’s such an important memory of (how) one person can make a difference.”

Tracey Slatter

“The word ‘thank you’ is just not enough when someone saves your life. You could say ‘thank you’ until you’re blue in the face, I just don’t think the word’s big enough.”

Dan Price

“It just goes to show… how much a stranger can build instant connection and rapport, and that empathy and love and care that humanity can have.”

Robert Brownhall

“All the things I’ve got in my life… I owe it all to this person. When the seconds were counting down to my brain dying, he didn’t have to, (he was) a stranger… you know?”