A Teacher Changed My Life


A Teacher Changed My Life


EPISODE 4 Tue 7 Mar
A look inside the classroom at some of our most inspirational teachers.

Meet The Guests

Denzyl Moncrieff

“I had teachers say that I'd grow up to become nothing, you know, things of that nature, wasn't going to go anywhere. I'd just end up in jail.”

Suzy Urbaniak

"I think that's the biggest buzz, when you see your students actually attain their goals and realise their dreams and realise their talents and how they apply to the pathways that they've chosen.”

Omar Sawan

“First time I got suspended I was in Year 5, I told a teacher to go something herself and from that point, you know, I became aware that I could do whatever I want.”

Jihad Dib

"I think the really important thing that I saw in that rage and in that anger was a person who I thought had just never been listened to.”

Donna Loughran

“I had a lot of cash in my pocket from my part-time job.  However, I had failed my School Certificate.”

Steve Duclos

 "When you consider the number of classes you're teaching, you're probably dealing with 120 or 180 different personalities every day and Donna was frustrating.”