Accidental Killers


Accidental Killers


EPISODE 11 Tue 24 Apr
What happens when you feel responsible for an accidental death?

Meet The Guests

Peter Cockburn

"I felt a bump and instantly realised it didn't feel right so I ran behind the car and I seen [sic] my little girl laying on the ground and my worst nightmares come [sic] true, I run [sic] over my little girl."

Emma Cockburn

"I remember sitting, they took us into a side room, gave us Georgy to hold and I'm sitting there holding her and the next minute he come [sic] down and sat down in front of me and said 'I've got to go, I've got to talk to the police and that's when I thought 'oh crap, is he going to be charged? Is he going to go to gaol', you know?"

Mick White

“I could not have done a thing … You just, you put your emergency brakes on [but] the momentum is still pushing you through.”

Maryann Gray

"I thought, that it was my car that hit and killed this child and I felt that I was a dangerous and destructive person and I felt that I needed to be punished and I needed to keep other people safe from me."