EPISODE 12 Tue 25 Nov
"You never know if the next day is going to be good or bad. It just seems to come out of nowhere." – Greta Warner

Meet The Guests

Simon Palomares

Simon Palomares is a stand up comedian who co-created and starred in Wogs Out of Work, a highly successful comedy stage show which later developed into the Acropolis Now tv series. Despite his extroverted profession, Simon has suffered from anxiety since he was 19.

Dr Sarah Edelman

Dr Sarah Edelman is a psychologist who specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy. She says anxiety is by far the most common problem she sees in private practice and its also one of the easiest to treat.

Greta and Kate Warner

Greta and Kate Warner. Greta is a mother of 5, who has suffered from severe panic attacks for her whole life. The attacks cause physical symptoms like nausea, shaking knees and shallow breathing. Greta's daughter Kate also suffers from anxiety which started when she was a child.

Prof Gavin Andrews

Prof Gavin Andrews is the founder of the St Vincents Hospital Anxiety Clinic in Sydney. His centre has just pioneered the use of a 'virtual clinic' where patients can seek online therapy via the clinic's website.

Prof Ron Rapee

Prof Ron Rapee is the Director for the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University. Ron specialises in the treatment of childhood anxiety and runs the "Coolkids" program which helps kids aged 7 to 17 and their parents overcome anxiety.