Attention Span


Attention Span


EPISODE 23 Tue 17 Jul
How can your attention impact your life and can you change it?

Meet The Guests

Tom McRobert

“You have to be able to split your concentration and be able to adjust it when something happens. The worst case scenario (if I lose attention) is that a mistake that I make causes two aeroplanes to crash together.”

Yebin Yoo

“Normally I practice around six to eight hours and it just means dividing up your time … no one has super attention powers and it's just I'm being intelligent about how you balance rest and work.”

Dr Nazih Assaad

“One important thing for me is I like to operate with music in the operating theatre. It gives me a mental rhythm [and] acts as white noise. And it becomes almost like a security blanket.”

Isis Leaver

“I have been assessed as having concentration issues. I'm always losing my keys. I lose my phone several times in the morning just getting from upstairs getting dressed [to] downstairs having breakfast. I'll lose my phone three or four times and you try to explain it to people and they don't really understand.”

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