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Baby Business


Australia is rethinking its surrogacy laws. 

Meet The Guests

Sam Everingham

Sam Everingham is from the not-for-profit group Surrogacy Australia and is intending to become a parent with his partner Phil. As they do not have sisters or suitable female friends, Sam and Phil are going through a New Delhi-based surrogacy agency. Currently they have two Indian surrogates each carrying a child. They are both his genetic children and have been created with an Indian egg donor.

Linda Burney

Linda Burney is NSW Minister for Community Services. She introduced an amendment to the Surrogacy Bill 2010 that bans NSW residents from going overseas and paying someone to be their surrogate. She says commercial surrogacy exploits women in developing countries and denies children access to their genetic and cultural histories.

Lisa Banfield

Lisa Banfield and her husband John paid an American woman – Krisy - to be a surrogate for their twin sons. Lisa is infertile due to an earlier medical complication. She has always been open with her children about the surrogate’s involvement. The boys are now almost 7 years old and the family continue a relationship with Krisy.

Stephen Page

Stephen Page is a family law specialist and a partner of Harrington Family Lawyers in Brisbane. He has advised clients from across Australia and as far away as China about Australian surrogacy laws and international arrangements. Stephen believes that there is an innate desire for people to want kids and they will always try to fulfil that desire. 

Damian Adams

Damian Adams was conceived with an anonymous sperm donation. He says he is 'deprived" of knowing his genetic history. Damian Adams believes all reproductive technologies involving donor conceptions are problematic and should not be allowed.

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