Beating Type 2 Diabetes


Beating Type 2 Diabetes


EPISODE 4 Tue 4 Apr
Type 2 Diabetes: Who is at risk and can you beat it?

Meet The Guests

Michael Mosley

Science journalist and author
Michael Mosley discovered he had Type 2 diabetes 4 years ago. As a doctor, as well as an author and broadcaster best known for his work on diet and healthy living, this was a huge shock. To make matters worse, his father was diagnosed with Type 2 about the same age as him, 54, and later died of diabetes-related complications. “It was a shock when I discovered my blood sugar was raised, so I did some research and found that not only could I improve my diabetes, but I could actually reverse it.” Michael latched on to the work being done by Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University in the UK. Professor Taylor was claiming that by losing weight through eating less carbohydrates and sugary food he could reverse Type 2 Diabetes, in 84 percent of recently diagnosed cases. Michael made the switch to healthier food, lost weight and reversed his Type 2 diabetes. To keep it at bay he has to maintain his healthy lifestyle, but believes if he can, so can other diabetics.

Maxine Risk-Sumner

Twelve months after Maxine was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2008, she lost 45 kilos and had brought her blood sugar levels under control without medication. But it was a big learning curve for the Indigenous great-grandmother, who didn’t comprehend how serious diabetes is.When Maxine was diagnosed, her response to her doctor was, “so what?”, as so many people in her community have the disease.These days, Maxine is helping to educate Indigenous Australians about what they can do to beat their diabetes too. 

Penn Hsiang

Penn Hsiang has been slim and active all his life. He cycles regularly and works in bush care almost every day. So when he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, he was shocked.After his diagnosis, Penn found out that his father and one of his brothers also have diabetes. Research suggests people from Asian backgrounds have a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, compared to other ethnic groups.

Lara Jarzabek

Lara Jarzabek is a young mother of two who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes six years ago. Lara has been trying Michael Mosley’s diet, keeping to 800 calories a day to see if it can have an impact on her blood sugar levels and, possibly, reverse her diabetes.

Professor Roy Taylor

Newcastle University, UK
Professor Roy Taylor has been looking into diabetes and metabolism for over 20 years. He was inspired to look into the role of very low calorie diets after observing sudden diabetes “reversal” in bariatric surgery patients.“This was a striking finding because it was believed that Type 2 diabetes was a lifelong, irreversible disease. People are usually advised that they have a condition which requires tablets, then possibly insulin, and they must get used to living with diabetes.”