EPISODE 36 Tue 29 Oct
Burnout isn’t just a response to working long hours. It’s feelings of exhaustion, cynicism and a reduced sense of accomplishment after suffering long-term job stress. Researchers estimate it could affect anywhere between 8% of workers to 60% in some industries. So what’s behind burnout and what might help?

Meet The Guests

Cheryl Hawken

“You just start to notice that each day is more of a struggle…My biggest fear is that the day will come when the alarm will go off and my mind, and, or body will be saying, ‘not today girlfriend.’”

Anne-Marie Rice

“I remember one time I was on a call…and my son was walking around in the background saying, ‘Mum's on the phone. She's always talking but never to us.’”

Alan Murphy

“[The] big burnout for me is that after [an incident] there's no time to actually then process that because we become so busy…that's when you become really cranky.”

Sharni Layton

“I would get home [from netball] and I'd be bedridden for anywhere for three to five days, exhausted, crying, not processing anything.”