Child Free


Child Free


Why are more men and women choosing a life without kids?

Meet The Guests

Yang-En Hume

"When I try to envisage my life as a mother with my own children, I feel like I would be depressed and anxious and very miserable."

Catherine Regan

"I had what I call baby whiplash, which is like a child would go past me and my head would snap so fast to look at it."

Sarah Cloutier

"She absolutely said well you have a uterus, you have to have a child... a total stranger on the bus."

David Hickman

"It’s like, well ‘what’s wrong with you’, or you know, ‘have you been in gaol?’ or ‘are you gay?’"

Mandi Whitten

"(At 35 I had) a radical hysterectomy. Since then I’ve regretted not having children and I still hold that regret."

Larry Tofler

"Having a child today, is probably the worst thing we can be doing to the planet right now, especially in an overindulgent wealthy country like Australia."