Children of Prisoners


Children of Prisoners


EPISODE 36 Tue 30 Oct
What’s it like when your parent goes to prison?

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"When I first started going in there [prison], I didn’t really understood [sic] what it was. But then when I got older I didn’t really want to be there anymore, because I’ve been there for so many years. I just wanted to get out of there."


"Before I could go to school with like no worries. But once my dad went in, it showed me that things can like happen out of the blue, like and my future went like really blurry. I didn’t know what to do."


"Every time I think of being like in a stolen car and all that stuff I always think do you really want to go down that track? Do you really want to follow the cycle? Do you really want to follow your mum and dad?"  


"He was in jail when I was born and just so often in and out, it was just like a normal thing. I didn’t really know any different. You know, I was never like raised with a father figure in the house."

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