Coal Seam Gas


Coal Seam Gas


EPISODE 16 Tue 29 May
What happens to a region when coal seam gas comes knocking?

Meet The Guests

Jeremy Borowski

"The pipeline, what it has brought to our community is a great sense of unease and a great sense of injustice in that we have been given no opportunity here to have a say in what happens on our land."

Matt Norrie

"If the project gets approval, there is absolutely no reason why in this day and age those risks can't be managed … [but] the concern is that this project could be a Trojan horse for something much larger."

David Banks, Santos

"I understand the concerns around water. We, all of our team here in Narrabri are locals, they live locally, they have their kids in the school, we absolutely don't want to destroy what Narrabri has which is wonderful."

Prof. Andrew Garnett

"Of course we're concerned about the water and everybody should be concerned about water and that's why you monitor it. But uncertainty, the way to manage uncertainty isn't to do nothing, it's to do research and science."