Coming Home From War


Coming Home From War


EPISODE 26 Tue 15 Aug
Are our soldiers equipped for the transition to everyday life?

Meet The Guests

James Hancock

"When I was 24 years-old, on my second tour of Afghanistan and I had ... missions that were mine to plan, task and organise, I didn't think that I'd be pushing trolleys in a hospital five years later."

Kiel Goodman

"To someone that used to be so proud of what they were doing ... then getting out of the military and realising you can't get a job ... that's a massive, massive hit to your self-esteem."

Talissa Papamau

"If we come to an RSL as a female and say we're a veteran and we need support, that shouldn't be questioned and that really needs to be drummed into every single sub-branch."

Brad Watts

"I'd planned for it. I'd done a lot of study ... while I was in the Army. I knew that one day I would get out of the Army and that I would need some sort of piece of paper behind me."

Garth Callender

"I think that there is a really strong rhetoric around the fact that veterans, as a whole, bring baggage. That there’s wide spread mental health issues ... the numbers definitely do not reflect that."