EPISODE 15 Tue 12 May
What's it like to live in a confined space for a long time? From Antarctica, to a tiny boat on the open seas, or the four walls of a bedroom; Insight finds out what happens in long-term confinement, and how people get through it.

Meet The Guests

Tristan Bassingthwaighte

"It's exciting enough and different enough that it doesn't actually seem that bad at first. It does take some time to sink in."

Leon Hamilton

"I wasn't expecting to, in a lot of ways, enjoy being just by myself, enjoy the time alone and enjoy the environment."

Jessica Watson

"It wasn't those adrenaline fuelled situations that were the toughest. It was actually just some of the boring, bleak days."


"I was very depressed to begin with, and then it progressed into avoiding and avoiding until there was nothing more I could avoid, and I was just in my house."