Cooped Up Families


Cooped Up Families


EPISODE 13 Tue 28 Apr
Ninety per cent of the world’s students are in lockdown with education moving online. There are concerns this period will further widen the education divide in Australia. Insight talks to cooped up families about how they are managing home-schooling and finds out what it will mean for the future.

Meet The Guests

Isabella Mavlian

"I recently had to take an English exam and it was on a Zoom call and probably the hardest thing was the distractions in the background.  Like my family's really loud, I've got my dad singing in the background while I'm trying to write an English paper. It isn't exactly the best scenario."

Samantha Tama

"I feel that we've connected in different ways on different levels. They're quite happy to do chores around the house because there's nothing else to do. So we seem actually a more content, close knit family, if I'm honest."

Asma Bahadurmia

"I need a teacher to push me to do my best, but at home everyone has their own activities or personal issues they have to do on their own, so I try not to disturb my parents because they have other things to focus on and I usually have to push myself."

John Goh

"While our teachers have been making videos and doing some teaching on-line, we're acutely aware that a lot of our families are not on-line."