Coping with Baby


Coping with Baby


Why does having a baby push some couples to the brink? 

Meet The Guests

Cathie Knox and Vijay Roach

Cathie suffered from severe post natal depression with her first two children which led to her being hospitalised. At the time, her obstetrician husband Vijay didn't realise what was happening and he became very frustrated with her. The couple speak openly about their experiences of coping with PND. Cathie and Vijay are the Chairman and CEO of the the Gidget Foundation, which promotes awareness of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression.

Robert Almond and Brooke Bullock

Robert and Brooke have a 1 year-old son named Noah who is their first child. Noah was born prematurely and since his birth Brooke has been battling post natal depression. Robert finds the strain of working and looking after his wife and child is taking its toll on him.

Professor Marie-Paule Austin

Professor Marie-Paule Austin is a perinatal mental health psychiatrist. She is the Chair of Perinatal and Women’s Health, as a part of a partnership between St John of God Hospital in Sydney and The University of New South Wales.  She was also lead researcher for Beyond Blue’s 2007 Perinatal National Action Plan.

Dr Nicole Highet

Dr Nicole Highet is the deputy CEO of beyondblue, the national depression initiative.  Nicole holds a doctorate in clinical psychology.  She has a particular interest in post natal depression.

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