Cost of Living


Cost of Living


EPISODE 11 Tue 30 Apr
Electricity prices have increased by more than 100 per cent, underemployment is at an historic high and wage growth is stagnant. With the 2019 federal election looming, Insight finds out how these factors might play out when Australians go to the polls.

Meet The Guests

Kirstie Fildes

"The electricity bills, my recent one was 500 plus dollars. My youngest child has autism so she feels temperature variations quite a lot so we have fans on pretty much 24/7. So that left my bank balance just completely wiped out and my parents were actually feeding us for that week ... They shouldn't be put in that position."


"The first things that kind of went away were the luxury expenses like going out. We got engaged over a year ago and had our engagement party and that was something where we were trying to cut costs left, right and centre ... Buying meals in bulkā€¦just trying to cut the cost wherever humanly possible."

Gary Morris

"When you're buying a box of chips that might have cost you $20 a couple of years ago, it's now 40 plus dollars. The cooking oil, if you're using reasonable quality, is going to cost us $60 for twenty litres where a couple of years ago it was only $20 for 20 litres. It all just flows on to make a more expensive product for the people who don't have a disposable dollar."

Jenny Downs

"We're sick and tired of them saying one thing, doing another. We're sick and tired of voting one in and because of their in-house bickering, he's gone, this one's in, she's gone, that one's in. They're not who you voted in in the first place."

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