Covid-19 Around The World


Covid-19 Around The World


EPISODE 9 Tue 31 Mar
Coronavirus is a global threat unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime. As we all come to terms with the pandemic, Insight asks: How are people around the world coping? And what can Australian learn from other countries responses?

Meet The Guests

Assoc. Prof. Adam Kamradt Scott

“…this really is a change in our lifestyle and we need to come to grips with that and realise and appreciate we are in it for the long haul.” 

Prof. Jodie McVernon

“One of the most challenging things that any modeller can try to do is predict the impact of human behaviour. You just cannot reliably quantify what people will do.”

Dr Fan Junping

“We do not want anyone to underestimate this virus.”

Nadia Ackerman

“They kind of dismissed me…he did check me out and then he said: 'you’ve probably got it, we can’t test you, go home and self-isolate and good luck’.”