Dancing with Dementia


Dancing with Dementia


EPISODE 11 Tue 28 Apr
"I find with dementia, anything you can enjoy helps you with the condition." – Ray Morgan

Meet The Guests

Ray Morgan

"I tend to think it probably is better for me. Now I've got dementia I've got something to focus on ... I’m treating it like a challenge."

Kate Swaffer

"I think as a whole, even health care sector, thinks dementia is end stage, meaning you know, we’re either taking our clothes off somewhere inappropriately of dribbling down our front and it’s not like that." 

Elmer and Joan Anderson

Elmer: "Between the doctors, Joan and myself, we decided that, yes, I would go to a facility when they felt it was necessary so that I wouldn't harm my dear wife … And that is exactly what happened, I had an episode, we went to the doctors and he said it's time." Joan: "Our relationship's an awful lot better because now Elmer seems to have accepted what's going on and so because of that, the anger is not there as much and he is a lot, a much nicer person."

Graeme Samuel

"It is so, so fundamental now that we show people in the community what it is that dementia is really all about and importantly what it's not about. That people can live in the community and be very productive members of the community for so many more years and that you shouldn't actually fear someone having dementia or look at them with any sense of disassociation or stigma such as poor mum had to endure when she, you know, was diagnosed and when she started to show the symptoms."

Doris Younane

"I mean the behaviour changes every day and mum went through some very, very aggressive, difficult times, but we just kept role playing, playing with her. So that we took the sort of anxiety out of mum, I suppose."

Liam McGuire

Developer: "So what I've got is a virtual reality headset and what it's doing at the moment is running a thing called the virtual dementia experience. We can simulate aspects of things like Lewy Body's dementia."