Deadly Future


Deadly Future


EPISODE 21 Tue 9 Jul
With more Indigenous kids graduating Year 12 than ever before, what’s it like to achieve success after generations of struggle? In this NAIDOC week special, First Nations trailblazers from across music, sport, media, science and business discuss breaking ground, the road to success and their advice to the next generation.

Meet The Guests

Baker Boy

"I want to make [young kids in remote areas] feel like they can take that next step out of the community and chase their dreams and goals and keep moving forward."

Brooke Boney

"Just because people don't think that you're very smart or that you're very special…that does not mean that you have to live in that idea of yourself."

Courtney Ugle

"I used to get so angry [at my mum]. Like, why aren't you coming to our school awards? Or, why aren't you awake to sign this form for me? Or why don't we have any food in the fridge?"

Karlie Noon

"Feeling isolated is nothing compared to what my family and what my mob and what my community has faced…Putting it in that perspective, I feel like a super hero, I feel like I can achieve."