Diagnosing Autism


Diagnosing Autism


EPISODE 15 Tue 23 May
Are we getting autism diagnosis right?

Meet The Guests

Cain Noble-Davies

“Honestly, I’m perfectly comfortable with the fact that I have autism, because I have gone past the point where it’s something different or even something wrong. I just see it as a different way of looking at the world.”

Gretchen Broer

“I had a woman dive in front of my car when I was pulling out of the school car park, to abuse me that Cain had ripped one of her children’s hats.” 

Dr Michael McDowell

“The emphasis is on whether we're diagnosing autism correctly or not, and I'd like to change the conversation a little bit: are we understanding children correctly?”

Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Professor of Child Development
“We could all sit here and tell you stories of families who've moved between states, and they've had to go through another expensive, lengthy and emotionally draining diagnostic process.”