Divorcing Well


Divorcing Well


EPISODE 34 Tue 15 Oct
Is it possible to divorce well? On this episode of Insight we talk to separated couples about how they moved from hurt and angry to amicable, even considering each other best friends after the divorce.

Meet The Guests

Elisa Ryan

"I think even when Billy first spoke to me about separating, it was, it was sad and, but I could understand that we got to that point. But when I learnt that there was somebody else in the picture that was really hard to pill to swallow."

Jeremy Sheldon

"When I came out and told Sue I was gay. You can imagine that obviously meant a serious discussion about where that relationship went." 

Billy Godwin

"My advice would be to focus on your child. To understand that you are going to have a relationship, you’re stuck with that relationship."

Sally de Guingand

"We never yelled and screamed at each other in front of the children."