Do Not Resuscitate


Do Not Resuscitate


EPISODE 39 Tue 10 Nov
Is it always right to be resuscitated?

Meet The Guests

Leanne Hartley

"If I'm going to come back and all I'm going to do is eventually get Alzheimer's or dementia or be less than I am, thanks but lights out for me please."

Jess Holmes

"It’s not about me, it’s not about whether I’ll cope with the grief of losing my child, it’s about what’s right for him."

Monica Hayes

"I understand I'm dying… All I ask is that I be allowed to die without any medical intervention."

Zara Grayspence

"They all expect me to live to 100…they've got six years, so we don't discuss it."

Zena Najm, Emergency Department Nurse

"I don’t think people understand how brutal CPR is."

Prof. Paul Middleton, Emergency Medicine

"I think that people have an absolute right to say they don't want to be resuscitated whatever the reason is."

Dr Charlie Corke, Intensive Care Unit

"You just have to do it…you either resuscitate or you don't resuscitate. You can't half resuscitate."

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