Can we fix our ailing hospital emergency departments?

Meet The Guests

Bryon Beggs

Bryon’s 79-year-old mother Betty Sullivan died from a heart attack in March 2007 in the emergency ward of the Royal Hobart Hospital. A coroner's inquiry into her death found that he treatment highlighted serious issues within the hospital sector.

Dr Sally McCarthy

Sally McCarthy is the president of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, the body responsible for the training of doctors in emergency departments. Sally is also the Director of Emergency at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney.

Robert Wells

Robert Wells is a director of the Menzies Centre for Health Policy and an executive director of the College of Medicine at Australian National University where he works on health policy. Before academia, Robert spent many years with the Federal Department of Health and Aging.  

Dr Peter Nugus

Peter Nugus is a sociologist at the University of New South Wales who has studied how hospital emergency departments are organised and run. Read the report here.

Dr Frank Daly

Frank Daly is a staff specialist emergency doctor at Royal Perth Hospital. He is also one of two doctor’s from the WA Health Department who are leading the charge to implement the four-hour rule – an ambitious plan to see that 98% of patients arriving at emergency departments are seen, discharged or transferred within four hours from the time of triage.

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