EPISODE 39 Tue 20 Nov
The silent epidemic that impacts 730,000 Australian women and nearly half of us have never heard of it, explained.

Meet The Guests

Demika Tantra

“The nurse in triage sort of insisted that I had a UTI, and then once I was moved into emergency and was given a bed, the male doctor told me that I was constipated. So that was sort of the response that I received.”

Ainsley Zammit

“There was one period that the pain was so bad I ended up having three seizures that day.”

Prof Jason Abbott

“This is not just about period pain. If you talk to women, it’s pain when they use their bowels, pain when they use their bladder, it’s pain when they’re having intercourse and often pain when they’re just getting about their normal day.”

Kate Pascoe Squires

“The major side effect for me is the fatigue, and I think that comes from being in chronic pain for long term … you want to be working and achieving and mothering and wife-ing and doing all of those things, but at some point you just have to stop and say I just can’t do what I’m doing any more.”