Facing Disaster


Facing Disaster


EPISODE 27 Tue 21 Aug
How do you stay calm when you're working with lives on the line?

Meet The Guests

Ivan Karadzic

"You’re thinking about what if I do something wrong, I was fully aware that the danger was much higher for the kid than for me.  I’ve done this for a while and I know what to do if something goes bad.  The kids, they don’t.  So you are afraid of doing something wrong that could potentially lead to injury or worse."

Aldo Diana

"Gobsmacked, you just don’t believe a building burns the way that that building burnt."

Helen Zahos

"I feel a sense of purpose, I think when you’ve got training and when you’ve got certain skills to offer, and you know, I’ve got the ability. I’m not married, I don't have a family so I can get up and go."

Matt Hall

"You spend your whole life as a fighter pilot training for that combat role. Obviously I had to be trained pretty comprehensively in how to successfully do the mission, to actually get my bombs onto the target I’ve been allocated, and that is the primary goal."

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