Fair Work, Fair Pay


Fair Work, Fair Pay


EPISODE 25 Tue 26 Jul
Who's getting ripped off at work?

Meet The Guests


“I thought, I have no contact with the outside world because there’s no signal on my phone, there’s no one around me … I was so frightened.”

Giri Sivaraman

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
“This is effectively slavery. She’s not getting paid at all, she can’t go anywhere, she can’t leave.”


Jenny: "What were you paid for those three years of work?" | Sandra: "Nothing, I had no pay, no money." 

Heather Moore

Salvation Army
“The Global Slavery Index has just come out with a report estimating 4,300 people could be enslaved in Australia right now. We need to accept that we have a problem here.”

Sunny Liu

“I would say 80 per cent of my international student friends are all getting underpaid.”

A/Prof. Joo-Cheong Tham

University of Melbourne
“It’s wrong morally. This is wrong legally.” 

Sana Ullah

Jenny: "You got an order for $12,000 in underpaid wages. Have you seen any of that money yet?" |  Sana: "No."

Pranay Alawala

“No one’s hiring me so maybe I’ll get deported … I don’t have a visa. So there’s no use of coming forward.”

Czar Amonsot

“We still feel good because Australia gives us a visa that we can live here and gives us a chance to live life here.”

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