Faith vs Family


Faith vs Family


The face of religion in Australia rapidly shifting and families are navigating change like never before. Australians are becoming less religious overall while religions other than Christianity are on the rise. How are Australians tackling religious differences at home? And what happens when family and faith collide?

Meet The Guests

Denne Cruz

"I went from not being welcome at the table to you can never leave my house."

Naz Khan

"For someone who grew up her entire life believing in God … it was a hard thing to do to stop praying and stop going to the mosque … it just left a big hole in my heart."

Rory Burg

"I started to doubt the Catholic Church but I still believed that there was something there and I still do to this day."

Zvi Charlupski

"I believe when you [are] going to Synagogue to pray you're going with your heart. If you don't have a heart you shouldn't go and pray. You can't force other people to go and to believe."