First Contact


First Contact


EPISODE 40 Thu 20 Nov
Six Australians. 28 Days. One Epic journey. How have their lives changed?

Meet The Guests


Sandy is a 41-year-old mother of five from Newcastle in NSW, who works as a mortgage broker and had very little contact with Aboriginal people.


Trent is a 28-year-old law enforcement officer and single dad from Western Sydney. His interactions with Aboriginal people  whilst on the front line of law enforcement have informed his opinions of them as a group.


Alice, 31, has lived in various places in Australia but is excited to come on this journey to see Aboriginal Australia.


Jasmine, 33, is a mother of four young children from suburban Brisbane who never finished high school. She was motivated to participate in this process to show her kids that people can always learn and improve.


Marcus is 23-years-old and has spent his life close to the water on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He has had very little to do with Aboriginal people growing up and he’s keen to find out more.


Bo-dene is 25 years old and lives in outer Melbourne and is very keen to learn about the lives of Indigenous Australians.

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