Forgotten Fathers


Forgotten Fathers


EPISODE 21 Tue 28 Jun
What happened to the fathers who had no say in forced adoption?

Meet The Guests

Gary Boyce

“You've given away your first child ... how many more are you going to be giving away?” 

Gary Coles

“To put it bluntly, I denied paternity. So I forced an adoption to occur.” 

Ken Lumsden

“I didn’t know she was pregnant. She kept that from me.” 

Paul Jennings

“He's come into our lives and he mixes with my kids. You know, they call him the brother from the other mother.” 

Jo Lill

“I just knew my life wouldn't begin until I'd met [my birth parents], that there was this deep need and an ache for them each day.” 

Nikki Hartmann

Post and Forced Adoption Services, SA
“There's an idea that people meet and things will be great and everyone will go on living happily ever after … the reality is that all new adult relationships take work.” 

Emma Law

“I looked into his eyes, it just felt that we hadn't been apart for 37 years. We just kind of had that instant bond.” 

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