Game Changers


Game Changers


EPISODE 3 Tue 28 Feb
What does it take to break new ground?

Meet The Guests

Deborah Lawrie

“I just wanted to fly … that’s all it was ever about.”

Dr Jordan Nguyen

“You know that you can have that positive impact, so it becomes both a passion and a responsibility.”

Jess Irwin

“Playing at the Opera House was a very surreal feeling. Four months prior I would have thought it would be humanly impossible.”

Ian Roberts

“I saw the discrimination and the prejudice, the exclusion … it kind of made me feel that I was just being really fake.”

Professor Alan Trounson

“You have to be an optimist … you have to believe in it, and then you have to have support.”

Anthea Polson

“I thought I was going to be a bit of a guinea pig … we don’t think we’re going to be the lucky ones.”

Bruce Mason

“If you change the game too quickly … in this case, technology took over, and people were more concerned about what suit a particular swimmer was wearing than what the swimmer could do.”

Jessicah Schipper

“It was absolutely unique, to go from the suits that we used to wear … these suits helped a lot.”

Bianca Timbers

“I was calling around trying to find someone to take me on – I would have made between twenty and thirty phone calls, just getting laughed at.”

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